About Elizabeth Sheeler

Elizabeth Sheeler is a Fayetteville, Arkansas born and raised interdisciplinary artist who has been involved in multiple areas of creativity. She is currently receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art with an emphasis in Sculpture and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Education with an emphasis in Printmaking. Elizabeth plans on attending graduate school for an Master of Fine Art in the fall of 2019.

Her work explores themes of identity, control, ownership, blindness, power, equality, and empathy. She creates environments where the participant is forced to look inward examining themselves and their environment to find their own way to an intro-perspective empathy. Her newer work will emphasis power dynamic, equality, and discrimination. Elizabeth has attended a residency at The Pensilvania Academy of Fine Arts in Phillidelphia. Her work has been published in the Scout Guide Magazine and has been shown nationally. Elizabeth currently resides and works as an instructional assistant for Springdale Public Schools.

If you would like to contact Elizabeth please email her in the link below.